University Project

- 2018 -

Software: 3DsMax, Photoshop

Client: Sydney Festival

Location: Bondi Icebergs

Materiality: Glass, Steel, Staron, Crypton

Special Features: LED feature lighting canopy, Boomerang shaped elements

The challenge: to design a memorable, engaging and welcoming venue for people from all over to enjoy at the Sydney Festival.
The Sydney Festival, an annual celebration of culture, history and art. My design takes inspiration from the Indigenous community, using playful boomerang shaped elements throughout. The materiality of the space would mirror it’s surrounding; glossy, translucent and ever changing. At night Boomerang Bar comes alive with fluorescent lighting inside the tree shaped central canopy.

My design pays homage to an integral part of Australia’s heritage whilst injecting energy and enjoyment to the festival experience. Private booth seating encourages guests to relax and soak in sensory delight. The structure provides shade in the day time and lighting in the evening. Interchanging in colour, the canopy brings interest to the space after dark. 

Interchanging energy saving LED central feature tree canopy. Custom boomerang shaped furniture to be upholstered with commercial grade, stain resistant Crypton in pale tones. The key is in the name, Boomerang Bar isn’t subtle with it’s theme of curved shapes. It adds to the fun! 

“The Boomerang Bar would seriously be the coolest place to hang out in the summer. I designed it with that in mind!“

- Alexandra