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University Project

- 2018 -

Software: 3DsMax, Photoshop

Client: Levi’s

Location: Oxford Street, Paddington, Sydney

Materiality: Steel, SwitchGlass, Plush Pile Carpet, Mirror

Special Features: LED feature strip lighting, Sensory Experience, SwitchGlass Fitting Rooms

The challenge: to develop a well-loved brand into new territory, retaining its humble ethos and core values, whilst injecting a freshness of identity.
Levi’s Luxe is a unique luxury retail space like no other. My design for this boutique Levi’s luxe store in the heart of Paddington, Sydney, features sustainable materials and energy saving feature lighting. The revolving steel framed tinted glass door at the entrance add quadrature, mystery and discovery. Noise from the hustle and bustle of trendy Oxford Street is masked by soundproofing, allowing a full sensory experience. 

I always start a project by sketching and mapping out a spacial/circulation plan. I can think more freely with a pen in my hand, it allows me to get all of my conceptual ideas on the page, before I have to determine whether it will actually ‘work’. There’s no such thing as a bad idea. The POS and mid floor displays are custom stainless-steel designs with timber footings, revealing the craftsmanship and paying homage to the brand’s rich history of quality, durability and practicality.

“This conceptual project was incredibly fun for me. I enjoy designing bold memorable spaces where customers can feel like they were part of something special.“

- Alexandra