S P A C E S   T H A T   F E E L   L I K E   H O M E


For this Sydney Harbour facing one bedroom apartment, I worked towards a relaxed space to enjoy sunsets. Needless to say... with a view like that, I didn't have much work to do to make this place feel special! I used natural materials in a soft colour palette to allow the view to do all the talking. Mixing modern furniture with antique finds brings a unique feeling. I introduced photography from Bondi's famous Aquabumps and a large mirror to expand the space, as well as some of my own artwork and Australian natives to finish. The outcome... a five star waterfront haven.


Mr A Taylor is a Paddington-based Tailor, who was seeking a covid appropriate home space for his client fittings. I created this gent-friendly showroom with a handmade suit display rail. Who knew I was this thrifty! An intimate and inviting place to select fabrics and enjoy a whiskey.


The brief called for elegance, refined beauty and feminine touches. So, I paired functional furniture with soft neutral tones to guarantee the client's treasured artworks really pop! With a love for travel and a collection of items to show for it... this project was a celebration of a well earned sanctuary to retreat to.